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A Bunny All Day


6. A BUNNY ALL DAY (12/26/04)

by Miranda & Adrienne

"Hi Edith," The brunette said as she walked in the back door and sat her bag down..

The older woman dried her hands on a handy towel and gave her a big hug. "Nice to have you back and early. Alex will be pleased, she always misses you during these extradition trips."

"Where is she?" Olivia asked as she finished taking over her jacket and scarf. "Thanks," she said, as Edith took them from her. "I tried calling her office, Greg said she’s working from home."

"She's upstairs in bed, the poor dear..." Edith turned around to find Olivia gone and running up the stairs. She shook her head, chuckling at the brunette's reaction, and went back to preparing lunch for the children.

Olivia stopped at the head of the stairs. Slowly, she opened the door and looked in. Alex was sitting up in bed reading, with her back propped against a huge soft pile of pillows. Stacks of red welds and papers sat scattered on the floor.

At the light knock on the door, Alex looked up with a start. "Liv!" She called excitedly and moved to get up from bed..."Owwww!' She yelped and fell back into bed.

"Sweetheart, what's wrong?" Olivia went to her lover, and helped her settle in more comfortably.

Alex looked absolutely miserable. "My back just really hurts!" She snapped. "I'm sorry, I've just been in constant pain for the last two days. It never stops." She whined in agony this time.

"Come on, let me try rubbing. Just roll to the side now. Easy. That's it." She guided the blonde. At first, she massaged gently. As soon as she applied any kind of pressure, Alex yelped and pulled away.

"That hurts, you're doing it too hard." The blonde groused. "Just leave my stupid back alone."

"Baby, you've got to work with me. I know it hurts. There's gonna be some pain until I can find the tight spot or kink that's causing everything. Don't you trust me?" Olivia ask and kissed Alex on the cheek.

The blonde thought about it for a moment, and rolled over onto her stomach. Olivia climbed up; straddling her lover’s legs, she massaged and manipulated tight muscles, feeling them release between her strong hands.

"How does it feel now?"

Alex flexed, and heard her spine pop. "Much better. Thank you."

"My pleasure." The brunette smiled, and stretched out next to her partner, gently stroking her soft blond hair.

Alex snuggled into her lover’s warmth. "I think my body goes on strike when you're not around."

"I think you're just PMSing, Sweetheart."

"Usually when I'm PMSing, you nip those symptoms right in the bud."

"What?" Olivia laughed lightly. "A bunny a day keeps the backache away?"

"Something like that."

"I'm sorry I had to go out of town and leave you here all alone."

"That's okay, it’s not like you went on a vacation without me." Alex smiled and kissed the brunette on the lips. "Since you’re back early, I’m assuming it went smoothly?"

"Yep." Olivia replied. "You ready for more?"

"I don’t think so."

"Come on, you’ll feel better when I’m done, I promise."

"No." Alex leaned in. "I’ll feel better when I’m done…" She whispered, before capturing her partner’s lips once more.

"Mmm…" Olivia smiled against her lover’s mouth, and commenced an entirely different type of massage…

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