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Cry Aunt


1. CRY AUNT? (Oct 3, 2004)

by Miranda Rafferty

"Alex,.." Olivia panting, "I can't ... breathe...please, enough." The brunette tried to block her wife's seeking hands. The woman was insatiable, and had been since her arrival that morning. Even this seasoned police detective had limits to her stamina.

"I don't want to, this is way too much fun, and admit you like it when I find all of the right spots. Besides, it's good for you. It gets your heart pumping, and you get lots and lots of exercise." She defended herself from her position straddling muscled hips

"Yes ... that's true, but at ... some point you have to let my heartrate get back to normal and give me time to breathe." Olivia collapsed back on the pillows still trying to stop gasping.

"You've gotten to be such a wuss in your old age." Alex teased.

Normally Olivia would have come back at that comment. "Maybe it's true, you wore me out, you should be proud of yourself. It's not often I cry Uncle."

"Or Aunt, you've done both. Such a whiner, you seemed to be enjoying yourself earlier." Alex complained at her partner's lack of enthusiasm.

"We've been at this for hours, I imagine Samson and Delilah even took a break sometimes." She complained, stilling slender fingers with her own hands..

"Hmm, you could be right, maybe the short hair has something to do with it." She brushed unruly dark hair out of her lover's eyes. Truth be known Alex loved to see Olivia flushed, breathless and flat of her back begging.

"You're not being fair it isn't my fault I had surveillance all of last night." The brunette knew she was being whiny, but Alex was insulting her and it wasn't fair.

Leaning down the blonde captured her lips in a loving kiss. When she raised up, she smiled "Oh all right, I'll stop, but you're to blame, you voluntarily told me all the places you were ticklish."

"Okay, okay. If you'll get off of me, I'll relocate all of my favorite spots on you." She smirked at her.

Alex should her head no. "Tickling isn't what you're best at, and I only want what I know you're good at" The blonde said in that slow, sultry voice that worked so well on Olivia.

"I never had any intention of tickling you, such a waste of effort and time on a body like yours." She said as they switched places.

"So what are you waiting for?" Alex demanded.

"Not a thing."

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