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Did You Know?


4. DID YOU KNOW? (11/11/2O04)

By Miranda Rafferty

Did you know that every time I think of you I smile? Not just a

simple little upturned corners of the lips. No I bust out into a

grin, and sometimes I blush. I never blush, at least I never used to

blush. Elliot thinks it's funny, but he's learned it's better not to

openly say so.

Did you know I walk around with you image in my head every minute of

the day? It keeps me happy, even when I'm dealing with some

sleazebag perp. All I have to do is think of you and some image of

you smiling pops into my head and makes everything okay.

Did you know I think I'm the luckiest woman in the world? I have you

to come home to everyday. I know I'm loved and cared for. I know

you miss me while I'm gone, although I'm not sure who misses who

most. It doesn't really matter.

Did you know I'm mad about you? People think I'm obsessed with you.

I can think of so many things that could be worse than having you as

an obsession. I want to be with you every minute I'm away, and I

cherish each minute I'm with you.

Did you know I want to keep you safe? I don't ever want to see you

hurt again. I want to keep you from harm. I'll do whatever it takes

to keep that promise to you.

Did you know I love to watch you? The simplest things are the best,

watching you work, read, fold clothes, wash dishes, brush your teeth,

or just sleep. Everything you do fascinates me in the most wonderful


Did you know I love you so much it hurts? When I think about you

sometimes it takes my breath away. You're so incredible.

Intelligent, passionate, loving, desirable and you put up with me.

Did you know I could talk about you forever? I think you might get a

little bored with that. I'll keep my adoration mostly to myself. I

could write sonnets about you, sculpt you or paint your picture. It

would be something for the world to see how very special you are.

Did you know if I died tonight? I'd still think myself the most

fortunate of women for having had the gift of your love.

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