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7. RESOLUTIONS (12/26/04)

by Miranda & Adrienne

Olivia walked in to Alex's study and threw herself down in the chair. "I've had it." The brunette said disgustedly.

"What's the matter, Sweetheart?"

"I'm giving up anything that distracts me from work," she said emphatically. "This Lieutenant business is hard. I don’t know how Cragen ran the department. So anyway, I’m giving up on everything that’ll hurt my concentration."

"Like what?"


"You hardly drink now."

"Well, I'm giving it up anyway; oh, and bad food."

"Sometimes I think you subsist on salads, Liv."

"All of Edith's bad food. She's a great cook, but it's all so rich, I feel like I have to work out extra hard to keep fit."


"I'm going to cut out reading too."

"But you love to read."

"No time."

"All right…"

"I'm glad you agree, Alex. I’m just afraid it isn’t gonna be enough. There's just too much to do, and so little time. How do you handle your schedule?"

"Well… Hmm… I guess it’s easier being our own bosses… We can try to set the schedule for the work, and not the other way around."

"God, I wish I could do that. I'm going to have to give up everything."



"Gee, what a shame." Alex said as she stood up. She walked around her desk and straddled Olivia's lap.

"Alex? I don’t have time…"

"Shh…" The blonde placed soft kisses on her partner’s neck, throat and lips. "Watch." She whispered sensually, slowly unbuttoning her blouse. "Are you sure you want to give up everything?"

"No, Sweetheart, but work's not going to give me any choice," Olivia replied.

"Really? You think so?"

The brunette nodded as the next button come undone, revealing the first glimpse of the delicate lace that edged her partner’s bra.

Alex leaned forward and kissed Olivia again, sucking lightly on her lower lip. Leaning back once more, she undid another button. "Are you sure you don't have time to take me home?" The blonde purred seductively.

"Mmmmmhmm…" Olivia hummed, and picked up her partner.

Alex giggled and wrapped her legs around the brunette’s hips. "Not everything then?" She grinned as her world spun.

Tumbling into the couch, with her lover in her arms, and her perspective in check, the lieutenant rasped, "Not everything."

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