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'Til There Was You


5. 'TIL THERE WAS YOU? (12/02/2004)

by Miranda Rafferty

'Til There Was You?

I've been a cop forever it seems. I asked for SVU, and for all these

years my work was enough. I lived for my job, it gave me a sense of

purpose. It fulfilled my every need.

'Til There Was You?

Casual flirtations, the rare actual date, and all the one night

stands satisfied the needs that my work couldn't. I didn't want

entanglements, they were too much trouble. They required you to

think and to feel. I had no time, or room for that.

'Til There Was You?

I spent the big holidays, Thanksgiving, Christmas with Elliott,

Kathy, and the kids. All of the others didn't matter. They were my

family. I brought presents, shared in the warmth of their family

circle. It was their love and joy of the holidays I shared. I was

ever an outsider looking in, but they tried hard to include me. It's

hard to include someone that doesn't really want to be.

'Til There Was You?

I didn't think I would ever need anyone. I had my work and that was

enough. Emotional entanglements were for others. I never thought

they would be for me. I didn't want to risk the pain or the


'Til There Was You?

It never occurred to me there would be joy and warmth in loving

someone. I only dreamed of the way that love could make me feel.

Life is worth living, life has a purpose other than my work. Now

there is meaning and most importantly a future.

Now there is you.

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