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What Was That You Said?


2. WHAT WAS THAT YOU SAID? (Oct 2. 2004)

by Miranda Rafferty

'My God!' Olivia thought to herself, how does the woman do it. Six years together, two kids, her own law firm and she still made Olivia feel like a horny teenager unable to get enough.

She knew Alex's was talking to her, explaining the seminar she and Ling had just attended. All she could focus on was how hot Alex looked in one of her tshirts and a faded pair of blue jeans. She was finding it hard to focus on anything but the movement of the blonde's chest under that slightly too tight shirt.

'Please, help me!' She pleaded to no one in particular. If Alex knew how far gone her partner was, Olivia was going to be sleeping in the garage for at least a week. 'Please, please don't let her ask me a question.'

Luciously full lips begging to be kissed, pale ivory skin waiting to be touched, perfectly brushed blonde tresses to be mussed and tangled in her hands as they made wild passionate love.

'Couldn't Alex hear how ragged Olivia's breathing had become?' She tried to bring it under some control, but all she could think of was making love to her then and there.

The brunette could see it in her mind's eye, the way Alex would move under her hands, she could hear soft whimpers, breathless moans, her back arching, hips rocking against her hands until the blonde screamed her name as she came again and again.

"So what do you think, should we send the associates to the seminar too?" Alex asked, stunned when the brunette pushed her wife against the bedroom door hands moving over her and thought, 'I never knew contract law had this affect on her.'

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